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My first solo show

A week from today in Chicago, I'll be opening my first solo show in 30 years as a quilt maker. The quilts have been shipped and arrive at the venue tomorrow. I'll hang the show on Monday and Wednesday with the help of the Art Committee at Chicago Sinai Congregation. And then Thursday, it's 'go' time with well over 100 people planning to attend the opening party. I'll be rocking a red dress. Obviously.

I've been so focused on getting everything ready and out the door I haven't taken the time to reflect on what this means to me as an artist. I've never seen all my work hung in one place. So that's gonna be cool. And I'm not one who seeks the spotlight...I've always been a power-behind-the-throne person. But that time's over. I've got things to share with the world and it's time to put 'em out there.

I can't wait to just let all the feels wash over me.